Cats ネコさん

Cat on cloth フェルト絵、ちくちく



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Drawing on box 箱に絵

Wooden donations box for stay cats in Okinawa.

around 2016, Okinawa

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Cat on stone 石にネコ

たぶん 2016 年頃

Scribble on stone


Scribble su pietra

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Okineko ネコ人形

2017 Okineko

Okineko is a collection of cats from Okinawa.


Cat brooches #100-

2017 頃のこ (2015年〜)

Cat brooches.

Sato9 ネコブローチ

part of money for sale , use for help Okinawa’s cats.
project 「We Love Okinawa’s Neko!」


Cat brooches

Sato9 cat brooch